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This is the true key to your successful business | Jessica and Colin.com

This is the true key to your successful business

Posted by:Colin Goh onFebruary 17, 2021

Time and again, we’re bombarded with “how to make your business a success,” “10 Steps to your successful business,” or even “business success for dummies!”

It’s time to realise the true key to your successful business:


Why does this matter? Because you are at the helm of your business. It’s essentially you – your views, your dreams, your goals that will drive your business to success.

✔️Be clear on what DRIVES you and INSPIRES you. This will be your roadmap – your guide to choosing the right business path for you.

✔️Know your STRENGTHS & WEAKNESSES. Play at your strengths and consciously know how your weaknesses can hinder your success.

✔️Recognize your TRIGGERS. Understand the external challenges and pet peeves that can affect you and implement safeguards to these. Competitors will push your buttons and situations beyond your control will always happen. These should never derail you from your path.

It’s the new year. It’s the time for renewal, a time for reflection – for looking in. It’s time to realize how important you are to your business success.

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