Pay attention enough

Posted by:Colin Goh onDecember 22, 2020

If you pay attention enough, you can pick up a thing or two to learn and better yourself every day.

Not very huge things and rarely are they life-changing; but actually, it’s the lessons each day that we pick up that cumulatively change us and mold us to who we are at present.

This is true for both our personal lives and us, as business people as well.

Little things like noticing how good businesses choose to make small (and sometimes minimally costly) efforts to make the customer happy, even after the sale.

Sure, it might be easier to just close the books on the transaction and call it a day, but that small effort does wonders for the business in terms of client retention and brand loyalty.

Or ever notice how just listening to peers or just asking small, insightful questions can be an important resource to hacks and tweaks that can help you upskill — no matter what field you are in. It really is a matter of listening, paying attention, and being keen on becoming better.

So what should we do each and every day?

…be prepared to catch those little instances where you can gain learning and insight.

…be willing to observe, and listen, and pay attention.

And more importantly, be willing to act and incorporate the lessons into your life.

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