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If I don’t cheong now, then when? | Jessica and Colin.com

If I don’t cheong now, then when?

Posted by:Colin Goh onFebruary 9, 2021

As I look through my album for Jan 2021’s shoots, and swipe through my calendar, I realised on some days, we have 2 different shoots and 3 meetings… all ON THE SAME DAY.

And when I reach home, it’s hours of assigning work with the team, vetting videos, checking campaigns and replying to clients’ queries.
Frankly, 16 to 18-hour days are not uncommon last month. 😵

So naturally, many will ask me to take it slow, including my own team members. But really, if this is not the time to “chiong” when I’m still have some energy, then when would that be? 😉

I guess really at the end of the day, it’s all our personal way of spending our time. To me, I choose to invest in work, and so, there are sacrifices to be made… sacrifices in recreation, friends, sleep and exercise.

But like I said, if I don’t cheong now, then when? 😂

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