Episode 2: Recreating Ram-Don from “Parasite”

Posted by:Colin Goh onDecember 19, 2020

We recreated more than a dish in Episode 2 of Cook Off!

Welcome to our new episode where Leslie Koh (aka Rice Cooker Man) and Jowell Lim (aka Daddy Property Chef) battle it out for the title of the Best Home Cook.

In this video, our host – Fan Waynne challenges them in recreating a popular dish from the movie “Parasite” – the Ram-Dom.

Armed with what he can find in his kitchen, will Jowell trump with his resourcefulness and experience… and his little 5-yo helper?

Or will Leslie, accompanied with 2 rice cookers this time, win the Cook Off with his wits, technicality and calmness?

Stay tune all the way to the end to see the surprise outcome of the battle!

And really… what else aside from the Ram-Don is recreated in this episode?

Let us know what you think! 😉

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