Cook Off – Rice Cooker Man vs Daddy Property Chef: Ep 1

Posted by:Colin Goh onDecember 19, 2020

We don’t have to be perfect for our first try. We just have to get it done.

A few months ago, Leslie Koh (aka Rice Cooker Man), Jowell Lim (aka Daddy Property Chef) and I – Colin Goh (aka Differenter Entrepreneur) talked about doing a cooking series together…

It was to be a series of 4 episodes featuring both Leslie and Jowell squaring off in their cooking over a myriad of challenges.

So, instead of planning high and low to perfection, we just did it! And in just 3 weeks, we shot our first episode!

Now here’s the thing about not needing to be perfect in the first try. To be honest, we at Learns Marketing had never done any reality TV type of show like this… and the 2 home cooks also have not experienced a competition like this too.

So literally, all that could go wrong… went wrong! 😅

Over at our production side, we screwed up in some aspects in our audio. Our camera angles were amateurish as we captured way too many of our own crew. And the storyboard was a total mess, with our host Fan Waynne failing to keep to her script, and giving a rather controversial ending. 😂

And for our cooks, they had their fair share of real-life NGs too. Jowell had a totally unscripted fail in one of his dishes, and Leslie also almost falter in his sauce.

Pair all these to a very challenging edit with 5 cams and 3 audio tracks, our editor almost gave up too! 😵

Honestly, Episode 1 is quite terrible! 😬

But instead of sweeping it under the carpet by not publishing it, I spoke with every one, and got their consensus to still showcase this video.

As an experimental project, I think we don’t have to be perfect especially in our first try… we just need to get it done! And for the next episode, we promise to get it better!

So here is the first episode of the Cook Off Series between Rice Cooker Man and Daddy Property Chef.

Both chefs were given only 10 seconds to see a menu which they have to recreate from their own experience (or lack thereof).

What would happen? And who will emerge the winner in the first ever Cook Off?

Let’s find out!

And do leave your comments on how you like (or hate it), ok? 😉

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