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You Won’t Get CONVENTIONAL Solutions…

That is because we have not received formal Marketing education before.

We are Colin and Jessica, the Founders behind the highly-popular learning portal LearnSuperMart. Some of you might know we are actually a wife-and-husband team. However, not many people know we have collaborated with many businesses by providing business growth consultations and marketing solutions for them.

In just a few short months, these small businesses have had their brand reached out to hundreds of thousands of clients and customers and have closed nearly S$400,000 worth of sales with a combined marketing budget of less than 10% of this amount!

That’s $100 profit for every $10 they spent!

All these are possible because of one or more of the unconventional yet highly-effective services they have taken up with us.

You Won’t Get STRUCTURED Solutions…

No one business should be the same.

If you are a copy of your competition and you do not have the monetary resources to compete with them, you will likely be left behind.

That is why we believe your Business Growth and Marketing Solutions should be fully-customised.

Business Growth Solutions


Differentiating Your Business
Eliminate your competition by positioning yourself as the only business in a totally new domain! But yet, you do not need to change your business model!


Future-Proofing Your Business
Refresh, rekindle or revamp your business by guaranteeing your growth years into the future! Leave your competition in your dust without giving them the chance to know what happened!

Marketing Solutions


Custom-Marketing Your Business
Get only the marketing services you need to acquire highly-targeted, motivated and qualified clients to attend your workshops, enroll in your courses or buy your services.


Social-Proof Your Business
Free up your time in setting up and maintaining your Facebook Page by letting us help you do that. You will potentially be getting 10X more Reach, Engagement and Likes through our unorthodox but proven techniques of posting.

Training Solutions


Learning about Facebook Marketing
Not ready to engage a marketing agency to market for you? Then you can learn to do your own Facebook Marketing via one-to-one coaching or via a group-training session.

You Won’t Have To LEAVE Us

Many market agencies leave you after 6 months or a year.

Why? Is it so that you must renew the contract and pay again? Are they not confident of their results to be delivered in the longer term? Doesn’t that mean you be left hanging to do your own marketing after that period?

With our recursive, end-to-end marketing solutions, there is really no end to how long you want us to help you! It can be a year, or 2. Or we can be your marketing partner for as long as you want… literally!

This is what you can expect from us.


Simply put, we will keep optimising your solutions until we get them right, which not only guarantees you to have higher sales but also claw-back your investment in your marketing efforts.

You Won’t Have To BELIEVE Us

Just read what some of our partners and clients have to say…

“In just 7 months, LearnSuperMart has helped us build up a database of over 250 warm leads that we can continue to nurture over time. Not just that, we had nearly 100 hot leads who attended our Diagnostic Consultations and workshops.

Till date, we have achieved more than $120,000 in sales revenue.

Our cost-per-lead for FB ads has also been greatly reduced by an astounding 70%!

Edwin Edangelus Cheng
EduEdge Learning Hub

Avis Wong
Associate Marketing Director,
PropNex Realty

“LearnSuperMart designed a leads funnel with an unbelievable ebook for me. It’s great because unlike those derived from my other marketing activities, the 1,200 respondents I get from the campaign they designed are a lot more motivated.

In fact I wasn’t used to the fact that I didn’t really have to explain much on why they should use my service.”

“One amazing and valuable benefit I had gotten from Jessica and Colin was when I was publicising my workshops on Facebook. I was blown away by the effective approach they created to share about my workshops. But the best was yet to come! At the end of the workshop, I was given a full debrief of the delivery of my workshop, and I was offered so many ideas on how I could improve in future!

The value that I had benefitted from LearnSuperMart was truly life-changing! I am eternally grateful for their selflessness and sincerity!”

Kai Meng
Kainetik Mathematics

Teacher Rosalind
Fun Language Learning

“Within one week of sharing my series on LearnSuperMart, I had 4 enquiries, of which 2 enrolled and 1 expressed interest in my online product. My email subscribers also increased tremendously by more than 3.5 times! Even after the sharing had ended, I continued to receive enquiries and further increased my subscribers.

Such jaw-dropping results within such a short time-frame would not have been possible if not for LearnSuperMart! I’m deeply grateful to LearnSuperMart and definitely want to collaborate with them again!”

“It’s amazing – the results they created – S$270K worth of sales for their partners in 6 months, and the vast amount of effort they put into supporting their partners in creating such income from applying the latest cutting-edge marketing techniques on Facebook to attract even more clients for their partners.

I know they will deliver massive results for all their other partners too.”

Suria Sparks
Multi Potentialite, Celebrity Nutritionist, Best-Selling Author, International Inspirational Speaker, Positive Parenting Advocate and Life and Business Coach

You Won’t Want To WAIT For Too Long

That is because we already have a 3-month waiting list for new business owners to start working with us.

Moreover, we also do not take on every business to be our clients or long-term partners.

To find out how much you can grow and future-proof your business, get in touch with either of us today.

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